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New Harmony, IN
The Atheneum

Right: The split-wood fence and outstanding Atheneum show the breadth of history encompassed by New Harmony architecture. Above: Even a simple grate shows the decorative detail of the Victorian age.

New Harmony offers many architectural gems, from 19th-century log cabins to the stunning Atheneum designed by world-renowned architect Richard Meier. Replicas of the original Harmonist cabins are available for view, including a rare “double cabin” that is the pioneer version of the duplex! Sturdy houses built during the Owen period also have been restored and can be visited on any of the Historic New Harmony tours. The Victorian era saw the creation of many beautiful homes and the charming downtown. A more recent addition is the innovative and lovely Roofless Church. Well-kept homes and immaculate streets make an architectural walking tour a delight.

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