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New Harmony, IN
The Rapp Granary

Log cabins and Harmonist house
Right: The restoration of the Rapp Granary utilized traditional techniques. Above: Log cabins frame a Harmonist house.

New Harmony was founded in 1814 by the Harmonie Society, a German communal society looking to put their egalitarian ideas into practice. When they sold the town to Welsh utopian Robert Owen in 1825 to settle in Economie, Pennsylvania, New Harmony became known as the “Athens of the West” for the many scholars and scientists it attracted. More recently, New Harmony has become known for its idyllic gardens, plentiful antique shopping, and peaceful spiritual centers. A walker's paradise, visitors can see the sights as part of a formal or self-guided tour. You'll enjoy learning about the adventurous and idealistic spirits which made our town what it is today.

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